Monday, May 11, 2015


It's been a long time since my last posting. Early this year I was asked to be an Artist of the Month for a Tuesday Market. That went real well, except for being ill, but I got through the 2 hours. lol

Also, I haven't abandoned Nature drawings, but did get a bit bored and went back to sketching people. I am in the slew of drawing guitar players and have done one already and finished one I began a few years ago. I had a great response from the finished one. Going to send it off soon.  I am also working on some female bodies as well, they will be nudes, half nudes, women in lingerie, etc., Just mixing it up these days. I am going to be drawing some lady wrestlers. Not the ones with big muscles, the more feminine ones of the 80s and early 90s. So far, it's been real fun and people have been getting a kick out of me doing those. :) Just appreciating the female form. I haven't posted the 1st one I have done, only in private, but I'll post it here in the open. I'll also be drawing wrestling moves. So hang on...

Pardon my scan. This is a 14x17 drawing. Larger than I normally do. I posted progress each time I work on her.This model/wrestler is Ms. Pamela Ward.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Bumpkins! Pumpkins!

First year my dad planted pumpkins and we had  believe! YAY. Beats going and buying any.

Those Rolling Stones.. just keep on rollin'

I haven't been on in a long while because I became seriously ill in the middle of the summer. Thanks to myself for asking my new doctor for a physical, found out I had low kidney function. That led to seeing a specialist, that led to an ultrasound, let to stones. :( I have had so much blood drawn, and blood pressure, temperature taken, 2 surgeries, and one more coming up on the morning of Halloween, witch I find humorous, considering I have told people that was a goal (by that holiday) I have my up days, and not so good days, but I know my limits. Definitely not fun to go back to work since I am on my feet all the time. The first two surgeries I took longer time to return, so it gave me tons of time to think and get stuff done (when I could). I had to miss my Tuesday Market Fair showing my art. My folks sat in for me. That was before I knew about what I had too. I love Halloween. I may be "outta of it" that day, but can enjoy the week of it. :)  All I can do is make jokes of the bad. I have nurses and doctors laughing. Gotta keep the humour and not always be glum. Jokes like. " I want Mick, Keith..... out of my body!" Ready to be "Stone Free." I cannot IMAGINE how people have it worse than what I am dealing with. It seems to run in the family and they had it REAL BAD. My doctor is doing what is best and finding ways I don't have to deal with bad pain. It just plain sucks. Now if only my ears get back to normal. I like to think it's the weather messing with them. LOL

I'll try and post some pics.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Art Interview

I recently gave an art interview. Here it is. FurandFeathers

In return, please visit CatsWire

Please click on links.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

...AND that's not all..

HGMC is a band/club I have been a part of for some years now.My friend, Cherie Gates is the singer and her husband is also part of the band. The songs are about road life, and experiences. If you enjoy motorcycles, or I would just recommend giving them a listen. :) They have been at this project for years now and have worked very hard to get where they are. Thank you. Please Share.

CDs are available and also for digital. and a few songs to listen to.HGMC MUSIC

I highly enjoy Harley girl. Always been my favorite.

Art Ahead

So much going on this past week. I first was asked from a fellow artist, for an interview. 2nd, another artist in town asked if I would like to be an "Artist of the Week" for Tuesday Market. Art is looking upwards. :)

When I get through the interview questions, I will post here and a couple other places. I will provide links. She will be posting the interview in her blog in German AND English. I will soon post her website for you all to enjoy. :)

Tuesday Market date is in late July. More to come as it approaches.